Monday, May 7, 2012

A Proposal Story

Apparently a CD I burned for S a while ago with lots of my favorite country music on it....including one I put in there about "putting a ring on that finger I'm wrapped around"...."only been 7 months, but that's long enough, to put a ring around that finger"  made an impression because at the 6 1/2 going on 7 months I received a proposal from S.  Here is how it went.

S found out I had my spring break the last week of March.  He was excited about it because he has Tuesday's off and wanted to do something with me.  So we planned to go to the beach.  That weekend before, he asked which beach I wanted to go to, and gave me a few options.  Well I hadn't gone to one beach with a pier that he mentioned so he said perfect, I love that pier and beach, you will too!

Tuesday morning came and off we went with Tigger in tow.  We laughed and chatted away on the drive over to the beach.  The day was sunny albeit windy and cool.  We were in khaki shorts and our navy blue sweatshirts and flip flops.  We had fun at the beach.  Tigger was fascinated by the ocean and we let her play (with a watchful eye as if it were up to her, she would dive into the ocean with no restraint) for a bit until she started turning purple and I went to change her clothes.

Then S said he wanted to walk to the end of the pier.  We held hands and were kissing while pushing the stroller down the pier.  At the end, we were gazing into the ocean and S said he had to do something really quick.  I said ok, and saw him turn a bit then all of a sudden, I see him down on his knee asking me to "marry me......please".  I think my jaw dropped, I think I heard a couple of people going "awwwww".  And I said 'uh what?...I mean yes of course, but really?"

S began to try to talk through a rehearsed speech but then started crying which then made me tear up and well you know, he slipped the ring on my finger and we both just hugged and kissed for a while, while keeping an eye on Tigger dancing away near us.  She loved my ring and tried to tell me that it was hers and not mine.

Later on in May, we will take our engagement photos at the pier where he proposed, and under the pier, and on the beach.  Both of us love the ocean and the beach so quite honestly, this was the best place and the best casual outfits ever for this event.

And that is how I got engaged!  With Tigger as a witness!

Getting to the beach.  One of my favorite pictures of S and Tigger

S and Tigger playing on the beach

S picked out a very nice ring I adore all by himself 

Right after the proposal.....a self portrait shot with my iPhone