Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Christmas Eve is with family and Christmas day every family does their own thing.  This year has been beyond awesome!

After waking me up at 6am by the Christmas tree.....Tigger is now napping and mami needs to clean up bye bye blog family.  Merry Christmas

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas brings a full circle

Two stories of loss and new life for Christmas.

My darling daughter Tigger was placed with me 2 years ago during the month of December.  I'm very enamoured with her and love being her mom.  Of course her placement didn't come without a story of loss, all foster children little or big come to their new families with a past loss.  I wish nothing but success and happiness for her.  Right now, I"m just happy she is 2 years old and enjoying herself this Christmas and loving life.  Emotions are a funny thing.

This year, I am in love with a wonderful guy.  I just received a delivery of a dozen red roses about 2 hours ago with a note saying simply "I love you, S".  That story also begins with a loss.  7 years ago his wife passed away suddenly and tragically.  He can miss his late wife and we can still be in love together this Christmas.  Emotions are a funny thing.

Here's my Christmas wish.....that we can grow and know that our losses make us who we are, but that our new lives also make us who are too.  May they intertwine and not compete with each other.  Life is a journey.  To the two people I love this Christmas....I love every part of who you both are....the past and the present.

Mommy put herself in time-out

Today was a tough day.  Tigger wanted her underwear but did NOT want to go near the bathroom and then would become upset if there was an accident.  She also whined for many things during the day.  When nap time came I just put her in bed and put myself in time-out.

I'm usually the most patient person, however, the unending screaming and throwing of objects towards me was a bit much.  I don't think Tigger is feeling well so she went to bed early.  I have never hit my child or lost it with her, and I'd like to keep it that least until the teen years ha ha ha.  Today was just one of those days.  We can have a do-over tomorrow.

You want to know the funny part?  During moments of sane-ness, Tigger would ask for hugs and kisses and I was left thinking that this was the best thing ever and that I'm glad to have time off and to only spend it with her during the daytime.

I'm so glad S came over later and gave me a massage.  That totally helped.  Well, I'm ready for tomorrow.  Time for bed!  Not everyday is a rose garden, but you know what?  We wouldn't appreciate the good if we didn't go through the ugly!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Potty Chronicles continue

Today I felt better about giving Tigger more liquids to drink between the timer going off.  I noticed she would listen to the timer go off and head straight to the bathroom.  I still am teaching her how to lower her undies and climb onto the big potty, but then she does her business and all is well.  She had one mood swing with the timer and basically she didn't need to go, so she was whining in an attempt to let me know.  The next time the timer went off, she went with no problems.

I count the days in halves.  She is now at nap time so half number one of the day is over.  After nap time is half two.  Our first half was great today and no accidents yet.  I'm sure there still will be, I'm going to start offering her more liquids and see how it goes.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Well it's finally here

As a single working parent, I finally have 2 weeks and 1 day of vacation for winter break.  (Yeah working for the schools)  So what am I doing on this fabulous time off?

Officially potty training Tigger.  Have thought about it since September....but it never took and we were always out on the weekends, so today was day one in Minnie Mouse Undies.  I'm tired, I'm glad she's in bed.  Let's see how tomorrow goes although I have to say 1 major accident and one minor one on the way to the potty isn't bad.  I don't think I'll be able to relax until I have 3 days under my belt and then I probably won't relax.  Yup, so much for relaxing vacations....I think all that finished a while back.  Woo hoo parenting the 2's.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flying by

Is it just me or is this Christmas season just flying by at super power speed?  Tigger and I have done a lot of stuff this month already.  S and I have done a lot of stuff this month already.  The three of us have done lots of stuff this month.  I can't believe that Christmas is here in a week!

Well here is a glimpse of the life of December:

Christmas program at the church....Tigger dressed as an Angel

Christmas program at Tigger's Preschool in the church next door to it:  They sang five songs and recited a little children's poem with grandparents beaming proudly:

Christmas Tree excitement!  Yes Tigger loves Christmas trees and smiles big for the camera:

And Birthday Parties galore.  Who knew Tigger had so many friends with December birthdays:

Our family loves to go look at lights.  Luckily we live semi-close to a neighborhood that has an extravagant display of lights:

And of course December wouldn't be December without a family picture:

Here's hoping the Christmas season is bringing joy in your life as it has to mine!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2 Years ago

on 12/15/2009 I brought this little one home and was absolutely excited and terrified beyond words.

She is now a 2 year old that I dearly love and constantly read, pray, and seek other mommy counsel so I can raise her the best way I can.

I love you my dear one....through the good days and the not so good days, never a moment goes by that I don't think of you!