Friday, July 23, 2010

Well the birthday week begins

Next Thursday is the big day, however, trying to get the party favor bags done by Sunday.....of course I'm a little peeved that people don't really RSVP anymore.  Some do, but I know some people will be showing up without saying if they were coming or not.  Oh well, if I have extra party favor bags, I'll give them to the kids around the neighborhood if their parents will let me (after the tragedy of last week)

So today Tigger is at a Hawaiin summer party, will pick her up at noon, no extra charge at the daycare for attending the friday party.  The 1st birthday pictures are scheduled for next friday.....she will be dressed in her "happy 1st birthday" outfit at school Thursday, and Sunday the 1st is the party.  I also found out that my grandfather who lives in FL is coming out for this party so very very cool.  The only living grandparent still around and the great-grandchild....this will be so cool.  My other grandparents almost made it to see her, however, they lived long lives.  They had my mother in their 40s and lived til I was in my late 20s and my grandmother passed away in septmber when I was 31 so you know, they lived well into their take heart parents in their too can live long and prosper with the grandchildren. 

Will be a busy mama this week.  oh the fun, oh the money spent LOL. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unfortunately the body found belonged to the missing teen

I think this is a better source.....

Autopsy results on body found in Moreno Valley to be released - - Daily News Digest

Autopsy results on body found in Moreno Valley to be released - - Daily News Digest


Well if you know me from another forum and such, you'd know I've been babbling like a loony about our recent major crime that has transpired near my house and near my parent's house.  A 17 year old was abducted in the middle of the day near my parent's house as she was walking home from summer school from the local high school......this was Friday, yesterday a body was found in a field belonging to one of the rancher out here pretty close to where we live and where the original abduction took place, and although the ID isn't out yet, we think it's the 17 year olds.  The autopsy is today and I don't know when they will release the information about whether it's the girl's or not. 

First of all how sad for this to happen....this is such a great community and a great place to live, it ruins a little of the atmosphere.

Second of all, how incredibly sad, stressful, and unimaginable this must be for the family....from the news, it looks like a neighborhood close to my folks house so yuck, poor family.

Thirdly, they haven't had a lead or caught the person so that means they're still out there....which is all part of the creepy factor.  Makes you double think where you go, if you should venture outside the home....especially thinking about the fact that having an infant/toddler almost, I can be a vulnerable target when I'm strapping her or unstrapping her from the car seat without looking around me during that time....ugh

I hate evil crimes like these. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Crazy Weather

Lightning is a highly visible form of energy t...Image via Wikipedia

Well at least one time during the summer, southern CA has crazy weather.  WEll that time is now.  Apparently we're on the receiving end of some tropical storm or monsoon or something and it's not just hot, it's humid, and it's rainy, and I heard that lightning struck and made fires in 3 different places relatively close by. today is going to be at least 107 out LA it's raining and hot....oiy HELLO we do NOT live in Florida what is up? 

In other news, these walking shoes appear to be magical as Tigger has been standing more than sitting or crawling in the last day and a half.  Also since we've been sleeping in more, I've made her bedtime 8 instead of 6:45-7pm.  This has helped out a lot and she seems to be doing ok. 

Tigger surprises me.  She's eating "real" food.....smashed or cut in small pieces, but she now loves, loves, avocado, watermelon, cantalope, rice, beans, potatos, SWEET POTATOS are a smash, bananas, and steamed veggies.  Not bad right?
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday musings

So it's official

1.  My child is spoiled and wants to sleep in my bed every night.....she gets up anywhere between 1 and 3am to snuggle

2.  Yesterday yielded more pulling to stand and standing for a cruising yet

3.  The above means I will go today and get those fancy shoes designed for cruisers and early walkers.....should be fun. 

4.  My social worker came to do the monthly visit on Tigger....this is great news as it means the file is finally transferring to the adoptions unit and once we get the certificate of clearance from the state of CA the papers will be signed for finalization :)   My social worker rocks and she stayed for about an hour chitchatting about anything and everything.  She came later and stayed for a bit because she was teaching last night in our city's facility the last PRIDE class for that group so she was excited to have a little break until August from teaching.  We talked about the procedure in case I wanted to go for another one and how that works....which is much simpler than when one i starting, so it was a great visit and Tigger stood for her and "jargoned" and all that. 

5.  I find it incredibly hilarious that people can pop out babies without any screenings, yet I have a certificate that says my house is "approved for children".....hmmmmm I guess I'm worthy LOL.  It really amuses me. 

6.  I'm really loving this cuddle stage that Tigger is in right now.  She comes up to me for no reason and just gives me some loving.....and she loves anything soft.  Switching gears to Speech Therapist mode....maybe soft and rough will be one of the first concepts I can instill in know (in/out, soft/rough, little/big) ha ha ha ha, I'm such a dork. 

Well that would be my thoughts at the moment. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the big day is coming

153/365Image by AJPReyes via Flickr
I wish I could say the "big day" is finalization, but not yet, although it's getting there....the BIG DAY would be July 29, Tigger's 1st Birthday. 

Can we just say mommy is going broke poor getting ready for this thing?  The big bash will be held Sunday August 1 and I believe I have 75-100 people coming....maybe, it will probably end up to be more like 60 by the time i get the RSVPs and who's coming and/or not. 
So anyways we got the cake and pastries ordered from a fabulous Cuban bakery....I got the balloon's ordered for pickup...I ordered the jumper for the older kiddies and got some other games for the outside.  My gracious parents and grandparents to Tigger have offered their home as they have a great backyard for all this. 

I was going to order a real Tigger character to come, but after thinking, and thinking thought it may be over the top. 

oh yes can you tell the theme/  it's Winnie The Pooh and friends so that we can have the glorious colors of Tigger as well. 

I think it will suit Tigger just fine!
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Not amused by the whole phase of trying to stand

I was so excited to see Tigger crawl and couldn't wait for her to crawl, but now we are in the stage of pulling to stand and letting go....this milestone is NOT so much fun.  Why?  hmmmm let's see, pulling up on unsuitable furniture means falling backwards.....pulling up and letting go means toppling forward and getting a bloody lip grrrrrr......pulling up and standing means sometimes missing the mark and bonking your head....or pulling up while I'm getting the bathtub ready and trying to fall headfirst into water....NOT OK.  So unlike the crawling phase which was so much fun, this phase isn't working out for me. 

Tigger went to a party

The Tigger Movie, a film based on the Disney a...Image via Wikipedia
So yesterday we were trying to recover from the adrenaline of having guests over, however, we did have a party to go to.  Tigger has only been to one other for her cousin and she spent most of that party playing indoors.  Yesterday's party started at 4pm.  It was great.  I have to say both of us enjoyed it.  Tigger and I bounced around in the bounce house....although I thought it was funny that the higher I jumped, the tighter she wrapped her arms around me, however, she would also laugh friend had a kiddie pool for her daughter and guests so Tigger also spent some time in there.  She loved it.  I think she likes the "real pool" better as it took her a bit to get used to the idea of sitting in the kiddie pool, but after a while the turtles and shells in the pool lured her in.  Of course once the preschoolers were acting rambunctious and doing tricks in the pool, I took Tigger out.  Overall, it was a great time.  But I guess she was overstimulated before bedtime as she had a hard time winding down and ended up in my bed by
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer 2010

Well I think for the purposes of privacy on the internet and after thinking long and hard, I am going to Christen my daughter as "Tigger". Yes it sounds like boy's nickname, however, bright orange seems to be a winner with her and since Tiggers are bright orange, well let's just say she loves her two tiggers.

So when I refer to kiddo or Tigger, that would be my daughter. Ok on to topic at hand. first summer as a mom. I have enough money in savings that I don't have to work summer school and was ecstatic to have 10 weeks off as a stay at home mom.....I'm a speech therapist working in the schools so let's just say that I have the best job in the world and love my schedule especially now with a child.

Here I go thinking we are going to be lazy and just hang out.....boy was I ever wrong. This summer has been crazy....good crazy....but oh so not the lazy kick back days I was thinking it would be.

I started weight watchers.....since Tigger came home I have not exercised one bit and have been eating what I call convenience food....gained 20 lbs and that's not cool. As a single mom, I'm going to be in shape to the best of my ability as I don't want to incur health issues for Tigger to worry about. Tigger and I go for morning walks.....I have her at daycare two days a week mostly mornings so that I can get some errands and chores that require my full attention done before September rolls around.

Then this week, my friend from college, her husband and her 3 kids....Superman, Batman, and the Princess (who also claims to be Batman so I heard) came for a visit. My friend also doesn't reveal her kiddos names on her blog so keeping with the nicknames. We've been nonstop all day long since Tuesday night. The kids were so good with Tigger and Tigger enjoyed watching the other kiddos. We also did the socal thing of going to the San Diego Zoo, a local museum, and doing some hang out stuff like swimming and going to the mall. Oh yes and who can forget going to the Build-A-Bear place and watching the expression on the kiddos and Tigger's face as they did their own stuffed animals. Both Batman and Superman made bears and one named his 'Buzz-Lightyear" and the other named his a star wars name....sorry T I forgot...was it "___ trooper?" and the Princess made a dog princess named Aurora....and Tigger made a bear [orange to be exact...surprise surprise] and named her "Tigger".....Ok I named the bear and decided to go with Tigger's nickname from her name.....I'm sure there will be more in the future and then Tigger can decide what to name them.

Today we all went to my church and we went to lunch and then after lunch we said our goodbye's. It was sad to see them go.....I saw them last when the Princess was 9 months old and this time around she was 3 years old. I'm hoping maybe next summer a trip to TX will be warranted.

Relationships with old friends that now are parents....and I am too is just a new concept for me. It's's very different....we obviously don't get all crazy like in college, but there's a new maturity and a new level to friendships....and I have to say, I like it. I gained some new respect for my friend and her husband and I'm sure their ears are still ringing from Tigger's wails at times LOL. But at the end of the day....after meltdowns, tantrums, screams and wails, the friendship is still there and not slacked due to what people may think are "inconveniences of kids" and that's what I like about "grown-up friendships".

Safe travels T and family......I wish Batman, Superman, and the Princess a great year back in TX.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ok so got sucked into this blogging thing!

My new motto on blogging. If my friend can do can I. Well it's interesting to read blogs, especially since I feel others have a better grasp of how to write poetically and I don't....however, I'd like to try and keep up with one as life changes and it's time to do new things.
First let's do a trial run of seeing what is new in my life since a few years ago...

1) I bought a home....a townhome to be exact, but I love it and at the price, I'm guarenteed not to be housepoor.

2) I added a child to my family of 1 making it a family of 2. woo hoo.....she's 11 months old and been with me for almost 8 months, still learning many things including how to make friends with other parents of young children.

3) I'm in my early, didn't that used to be "old"????????

The above picture was taken the first week of December...I had no idea that in about 5 days I'd get a call about adding an infant to the family....this is my dog and I under our little Christmas tree.

This car is now my mommy car....I used to have an awesome 2-door VW, but car seats and 2-doors nearly killed bought me a nice 4-door instead. It's not my stick shift 2-door preference, but it's what life is now :)

Well where is the baby? I'm keeping her picture under wraps until the adoption is finalized.