Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Breath You Take

To answer some questions I recently received, no I'm not quitting on my blog.  I have just been incredibly busy wedding planning, remodeling the house with S, and enjoying Tigger.  While I love blogging and I love the people and bloggers I have met here in cyberspace, sometimes family priorities truly come first.

Tigger is getting so big.  She is just a delight in between preschool girl diva normal angst.  Her speech and language development blows me away and her personality is really shining through.  I absolutely love my summers with her.  She will be turning 3 years old on Sunday.  She is very excited about her little mermaid party and of course she mentions that she has to have balloons at her party with little mermaid.  So of course I've made the balloon order already because that is very important this year.
shopping date with Tigger

S and I have been taking Tues/Thurs this summer to remodel my house before the wedding, and I decided to enjoy every moment because he was looking to start applying for more work after the wedding and I just had a feeling deep down that he wouldn't have days off like this in the future.  I'm glad I listened to my gut and enjoyed this process with him as 2 weeks ago he received a promotion at work and now has full time work, is on salary instead of hourly with benefits.  What an awesome answer to prayer especially to have this in place before the wedding.  Of course that means that I no longer have those 2 days during the week to finish up organizing and let me tell you we both have missed this, yet we are thankful that we enjoyed the process and that we had most everything done anyways.

Once life and family become more routine, I plan on blogging regularly and actually have more adoption type blog posts.  There have been many to post, however, time with my new family has been important and I didn't have adequate time to be on the computer at this moment, even though S doesn't live here yet.

I guess I just want to make sure that even in my Facebook, online blogging, iPhone technology whatever, I would live life dedicated to being the best parent/soon to be spouse that I can be.  I love country music and so does S.  There is a song by George Strait that really nails the point and maybe can explain why my blog has been quiet recently....I hope that my life will reflect the lyrics found in this song.  Because life really "isn't the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away" and quite frankly, I don't want to miss any of those moments.  I hope neither do you.