Our family story

I've blogged about the story of how Tigger and I came to be before, but for any newbies that would like to know there are a couple of blog posts you can read that will give you the main idea of how we came to be!  While nowadays my tone of voice isn't as butterflies and sunflowers as it was in the beginning, I'm glad I have recorded my feelings from my meeting Tigger.  We grow and navigate through family and adoption as time progresses.

Journey to Tigger

Christmas in My Heart II

These two posts capture the essence of our family when it was starting out, and this picture was of my first Mother's day even though I was still Tigger's foster mom at this time.

Hopefully this blog can inspire or just provide you with smiles and laughter

I guess I will now have to write about how Tigger and I added a husband/daddy into the family!  

Moving along quite a few years.....Mr. S and I now have a 2 year old.....and I became a presenter for Younique.  More info to come....