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Me/DannieA--I think it is time my little blurb becomes more generalized.  Every year I get older or we do something new I have to come and change the details so here are some basic things about me:
*I was a single mom by choice....I recently married and am adjusting to married life.
*I'm in my 30's.
*I'm a Speech Pathologist in a school district and have worked and done speech assessments for children in foster care.
*When I made my decision to adopt, foster care was my first and only choice in my mind.
*"It's you and me kid" has been a tribute to adoption (the good, bad, ugly) and a glimpse into the simple life of a mom and daughter.  Now my blog has been tweaked to include my new life
*From time to time I also write out thoughts regarding foster care, the system, and legislation regarding Adoptee's access to their Original Birth Certificates...however, I'm not very articulate like many bloggers out there, so may link to others better qualified than myself.
*I enjoy being Tigger's mami every day....even during hard days; she is a preschooler!!!! I wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world.

*The child of my heart and soul.
*I am constantly amazed by her
*She has personality
*She is well into the Preschool years
*I know if it wouldn't have been my home, it would have been another, but man does she just jive in our family well.  She makes a better Cuban than me and she's not even Cuban LOL.  

The Handsome S--
*This man fell out of the sky literally, because I was NOT looking for dating opportunities
*He is a big teddy bear with a heart of Gold
*He treats Tigger like a princess and she has him wrapped around her fingers
*He has been a great addition to the family

That's the gist of it folks.  Enjoy the new blog!