The amazing blogroll

I will continue to add to my blogroll if there are more sites I read frequently come up.  These are blogs that I read from time to time or every day.  They all have some information or something that I can connect with...either with the author or the information or because I communicate with the blogger and deem them worthy of being listened to.  Some opinions may contradict those in other blogs....that's ok, we all have our opinions and I value them all...

As for the fun blogs, I have a weird and dry sense of humor so that's what it is....sometimes even though a little rough, they make me laugh so hard I spit.  I need that sometimes.  Enjoy!

About Foster Care, Foster Parenting, Foster Adoption
Foster 2 Forever

Quaken Baby

A Nickel's Worth of Common Sense

Handprints on my Heart

Kinard Season

La Mama Loca

Last Mom

The Many Stars That Guide Us

To Tell Truth--Please Stand Up
General Adoption

All Are Precious In His Sight

From the Edge of Insanity

Write Mind, Open Heart

More than Dog Children

Apollo's Gal

Adoption Talk

Other fun stuff that may or may not include adoption
Single Dad Laughing

Adventures in Mommydom

Fetch My Flying Monkeys

The Mompetition

Single Mom Survives

Rants from Mommyland

From beyond ourselves: Voices of Adoptees and First mothers
I Should Really Be Working

The Adopted Ones

The Declassified Adoptee
Other Choice Moms
Barb's Project

Bun In The Oven Please

Chasing the Gerber Dragon

Jellybean Mama