Thursday, August 19, 2010

Of Wild Hair and Tantrums

Hmmmm yes it's been a few days since my last post.  Tigger is cruising up and down the rooms, yet refuses to venture out and walk.  You see Tigger has a very stubborn mind....she wants to do things her way.  So sometimes she lets me help her and she walks with assistance and sometimes I will do that and she throws a hissy fit because she did not want to do that or initiated it.  Oh my, walking will be a joy :)  Of course my Tigger may have a stubborn streak, but it's also tinged with a sensitive side.....oh my.  That makes for hurt feelings when I tell her "NO" or redirect her from somewhere unsafe.  Tears of sentiment plus little feet kicking the floor and hands going all over as if to say life isn't fair.  Can you see why I have not been on here that much? 

One fun thing about Tigger right now is her hair.  It's wild in the morning....I love it!  She has curly hair and in the morning it all stands up straight giving her an Einstein look.....sometimes with her mischievous smile, I just have to laugh....the wild hair suits her sometimes.  Tigger is almost 13 mo!  She's growing up so fast.  I'm sure I will think back to these tantrums and wild hair mornings with fondness even if I'm going to bed exhausted. 

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Ticia said...

She's getting so big! Oh my. My boys didn't walk until they were 15 months.