Friday, August 6, 2010

Surviving the 1st Birthday (weekend)

Yes when I say I survived the 1st Birthday weekend....I mean we had 1st birthday activities from Thursday her official birthday (July 29) all the way through sunday August 1st. 

We are a dry family....meaning we don't drink alcoholic beverages yet I feel as though I had a hangover and needed this week to recoup!  LOL

Well the 1st Birthday party was a success.  I was running around ragged.....let me  tell you something about having 3 dozen balloons in your car while you're driving.  NOT VERY FUN.  Also I hate loud noises and one of my balloons popped in the car while I was driving to the party destination (grandparent's house)....oh I hate balloons.  BUT Tigger loved the bright balloons so in the end it wasn't about my discomfort or hate of balloons, it was about her enjoying her birthday.

Ok I know some kids don't care about their 1st birthday, but I swear on my grandmother's grave, that Tigger enjoyed it.  There was limited crying, only when she was hungry, she played with the balloons, she worked the crowd, and yes she laughed and clapped to herself during the singing of "happy birthday".  We have some great pictures of her and the cake....and grandma and grandpa, and of one set of great-grandpa and grandma.  She loved hitting the pinata, she even enjoyed bouncing in the jumper with me. 

All in all, a great memory.  And if it just so happens she's one of those kids with a vast memory (my mother and my cousin have memories of being babies and as 1 year olds (my mom could tell you what she was feeling on her 1st birthday....scary weird) then I hope she has a good memory of it. 

well here are some pictures.  Rememeber I can't show a full face until finalization of the adoption, so I feel like Michael Jackson when he used to cover up his kid's faces. 


Ticia said...

Looks like it was a blast!

For the boys' first birthday we covered our floor in balloons. They loved it!

S.A.M. said...

Awww...1st birthdays are so fun. Looks like a wonderful day.

L-Heart said...

I found your blog on Adoption Forum...I too have started one about our adoption journey. Its great to see your beginning! Best-LW If you want to check mine out its