Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slowly moving forward

So my social worker e-mailed me that finally after paperwork glitches and all that, Tigger's case got transferred to adoptions.  Woo hoo.....that means that this new social worker that receives the case comes and sees her in my home, gets the paperwork together and then my social worker comes to fill the final ones up so we can get a finalization date. 

Oh so excited.  Granted for a fost-to-adopt case being with me for 8 mo isn't a long time, but since usually the kids are adopted after 6 months in the home, I'm a little antsy to get it over and done with....then I can make my formal annoucement to my alma mater University, do the child dedication at my church, and post pictures of her since she is so dang cute!  (I know I'm biased but she is gorgeous)

Hopefully will get a better idea of how long this will take once I speak to the new social worker.