Friday, September 3, 2010

Organizing this blog

Well since I'm new to this blogging world even though it's been on the Internet for a while and people have been blogging for ages, I just started and got used to what I can do on here.  Now it's time to start organizing this thing. 

I've decided that my main topics of discussion will be a) adoption and foster care (of passion and how Tigger and I came together) b) random news articles and c) will be posting about new trends in Speech/Language Pathology in the schools. 

I figure that will interest people to find out what is changing or remaining the same in my career world and may empower people that read my blog to know what their rights are and what schools are least in Southern California. 

It feels nice to have a direction! 

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Ticia said...

And don't forget cute pictures of Tigger.