Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just in case you wanted to get to know me a wee bit more

It's no secret that I oogle men from TV dramas or movies.  Just for kicks I wanted to show you which ones have caught my attention over the years (please note that I do know the difference between reality and fantasy).  I guess I love men in suits or if they have that manly man look ha!  Introducing four of the fantasy TV loves of my life:

Well not really TV and it was a brainless movie in 2004 when it came out, but oh my, I loved Thomas Jane in this movie, he was hot I have to admit.  

First of all, he's he's automatically going to be good looking.  You wouldn't know it from this picture but he looks drop dead gorgeous in a black suit.  Previously was on CBS "Cold Case" and now is a new detective on "Law & Order SVU" on NBC

One of these days I will describe my X-files fettish when I was in college.  David Duchovny was oh how should I say, I loved him!  He looked hot in the movie 'Return to Me' as well

Oh yes another Cuban hottie here.  He was an FBI agent on the CBS series "Without a Trace"  I think I like men with guns....ha ha ha.  Maybe I should delve into my psyche for answers!

And that my friends is just a random blog post about guys that have held or actively captivated my interest when looking at TV.  In case you really wanted to know!  


aka. Mimi said...

HURRAY for eye candy!!! :-) Thank you for starting my morning off right! ;-)

Step-parent's Cove said...

Cute guys, but my all time favorite is Sean Connery. He was cute when he was young, and gosh he way too sexy for an old man. Laughter. My husband just found out he was Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. What! Now I gotta watch that movie again. Like today!

Anonymous said...

Great choices!!