Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random link to a movie trailer....I really liked it!

Ok so tonight I'm going to be random and share a trailer of a movie I just saw this week.  It's not a blockbuster, while I do enjoy my "blockbuster men in suits with guns and fast cars" type of movies, I also can enjoy a good documentary or indi/small film.

The movie is called "The Namesake".  Apparently there is a book also and this movie is based off of it.  I've never read the book, but loved the movie.  While my parents and relatives are pretty much assimilated to America, I will say that it still is interesting growing up as a child of parents not born in America.  Almost as though we are between two worlds in which we don't "fit in" 100% but we do the best we can, succeeding yes, but often times still wondering where our place is.

This is why I love movies like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" or any documentary that has to do with immigrants or first generation Americans living here.  Anyways I thought I'd share the trailer with you and just say that it's a great movie to see especially if one's parents were not born here but one is!  Also a good reminder to go easy on the folks even if there are differences that have to do with culture clash.

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Step-parent's Cove said...

I also love "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." I would love to see this movie. Have you seen "Whale Rider." Very moving! Very touching! And for me, a must see again.