Monday, September 27, 2010

Mini book reviews by me :)

Alright sorry my 'normal' friends most of them have to do with parenting but it's just my opinion. 

"The Happiest Baby on the Block"  by Harvey Karp, M.D.

Without this book I would NEVER have thought to put on a loop of vacuum noise when Tigger first came home and couldn't calm down to sleep.  This book has some great techniques of how to survive early infanthood and what may work in order to calm a baby down and get more sleep time/less crying time.  A good read with some great with any book, take what works, throw out the rest without guilt.

"Single Parenting that Works"  by Dr. Kevin Leman

Actually not a bad read.  For those of us who have adopted a child and don't have the grief issues of single parenting (e.g. divorce, death, absentee/abusive ex-partner/father) sometimes it seems like these single parenting books don't apply to us, however, even though I could count maybe 10 pages that acknowledged single parents by adoption out of the whole book, Dr. Leman's advice on many aspects are pretty solid.  I enjoyed this book more than most books on single parenting by far. 

"Raising Great Kids on Your Own" by David & Lisa Frisbie

What I loved about Dr. Kevin Leman's book, I hated about this book.  This book really just focused on divorce and single parenting after that fact so it was a painful read for me as I could not identify with the divorce guilt that was talked about throughout the book.....if single parent by adoption....I'd skip this book altogether....if one is in the midst of the pain of divorce, this may be a good book for you, maybe. 

"Making Children Mind without Losing Yours" by Dr. Kevin Leman

It's a book on discipline.  As I will state with ALL of the discipline books I've read, absorb what makes sense and what you think will work for your child, throw out the rest guilt-free.  I did appreciate that the main tone of the book was consistency more than any method of discipline. 

"Raising Your Spirited Child" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

I loved this book.  More than anything it does explain why some children seem to be just "more" than others.  Great insights, good food for thought, and I think can help with children that may not be your typical "spirited" children.  I know the reviews were mixed on Amazon , however, those negative reviews came from people that did not like the idea of having a consistent routine with minimal change and that's something that is key for success for spirited children. 

"Mommy Prayers"  'help!'  by Tracy Mayor

Sometimes I just need to laugh.  This collection of crazy, true, and downright sarcastic desperate prayers for differente occasions are medicine to my soul after a long day...wrote a couple on facebook under my notes....bordering on sacreligious, but oh such a guilty pleasure to read what sometimes one really thinks.

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Ticia said...

Fun collection of books. I need to read some of them.