Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall is upon us

I've been kinda bad in the photo taking department as of late.  However, I hope to have some new pictures soon since the Fall brings fun stuff to do like pumpkin patches, hikes, walks, carving pumpkins etc.  My different assignment at work keeps me busy and so I don't get to view new articles about adoption like I used to.  However, it's not an all bad thing.  Still have a few posts in draft version almost ready to post so hopefully my groove will be back.

Tigger loves preschool now.  She is learning so much.  The language I hear, while still not in conversation mode surprises me every so often.  She knows the colors pink and yellow.  She can count to 10 minus the numbers 4 and 7.  She has the weirdest vocabulary.  (I mean I don't remember teaching her what a snake was, or the word "asleep", because we either use mimi or night night at home) She sings songs, knows 15 body parts thanks to preschool songs and my own teachings, points to pictures in books, and is starting to use 2 word phrases more often.  She still has that whiny sound accompanied by gestures when she wants something, and that is something I'm trying to diminish by having her tell me "I want _____" or telling her to calm down and show me so I can then give her the words she needs.  Her articulation leaves much to be desired....however I can understand her approximately 70% of the time, so all in all I think my child is developing in speech and language.  My capabilities in this area since it is my area of expertise is way better with kids I'm not related to!

Thanks blogosphere for letting me "brag" about Tigger.  I love that little girl!


Heather D said...

I love how much kids are learning at this age! It amazes me every day :) Jackson likes to point to things and say "want it!!!" or "have it!!!", I ask "what do you say?" and get back a "please.." with a sad little look, adorable! They are just learning and growing so much. And I for one am glad fall has arrived, except for the rain we're getting, because I much prefer it to the heat of summer lol.

Step-parent's Cove said...


She has grown since the last time I drop by to check on you both. Though I don't personally know either of you, I have come to enjoy you both through your writings.

Glad to read that she is learning loads at pre-school. I once had a friend who did and still does do daycare. In my book she is an awful daycare provider. She would never work with the kids in learning numbers or the alphabet. She would make them sit all the time. She never put on kid shows for them to watch. And when she was reported for her choice of television watching (soaps) she couldn't understand why.

Hope you both have a grate and wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to see your new photographs! I truly enjoy taking pictures.

Take Care,

Ticia said...

What, you be bad about taking pictures, are you sure you weren't switched by pod people?