Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Food for thought in Regards to Medical History

A few days ago I blogged about my annoyance with limited medical history for Tigger and how I'm sure it only gets more annoying when the young adoptee ages.

One of the blogs I read had a great post about a hypothetical thought process and dilemma an adoptee as a young adult may have.  I thought it was interesting and good food for thought.

Please read it here at 'The Adopted Ones' blog.  It's called "Walk a Mile in an Adoptee's Shoes".  Discuss away if you'd like.  My one rule is that one doesn't dismiss the sentiment that sometimes unknown medical information can be troubling in many ways, especially for individuals that cannot get that information.


DeeChloRox said...

I was lucky. In my foster care adoption, they actually interviewed the mom for medical history. It's sketchy on the dad's side. And they went to the hospital and got birth records. I have more than most for my girl! Doctors often think I adopted a family member because I can answer so many questions. I hope that it becomes standard in adoption to get this information. In foster care, it should be standard early in when parents are trying to work their plans.

Nicole said...

Wow wasn't I just complaining about this on my blog too haha! Yeah I asked the same questions myself and got the same answer, all i can get is an annual blood work up done, and it sucks