Sunday, September 4, 2011

The fair!

It's that time of year again.  Yep that's right, the all encompassing county fair that one attends to every year.  I really don't know why, after all one spends atrocious money on things you don't need but are so sure it's the best deal ever,  (I always laugh when I think of going to the fair because I have a few Bill Engvall cds, and he has some jokes about county fairs) you end up getting sucked into eating like a glutton, and in case you haven't noticed, everything can be deep fried ha!

BUT, the fair is fun, and if one has a child, it's even more fun because they have the animal exhibit, the pony rides that cost ten million dollars for two laps, but you do it because it brings smiles to both parent and child, you see and get highly involved in pig races, you see the smelly farm animal, ride the carnival rides, spend more money, see cool exhibits, go to the shops and spend more money...see some ice cream from the farms where they milk the cows and yet spend more money while your pants are getting tighter around your waist....well you get the drift!

We went to the fair today.  We packed my parents in there, made it at opening time so we only had to pay the $1 entrance fee since it's opening weekend available for the first 3 hours, waited until 1pm where then they were selling fountain drinks for $1 in celebration of opening was quite the experience.  Of course Tigger did NOT take a nap so the inevitable meltdown happened at 6pm until I finally had her in bed by 7:20pm, however, honestly the great day was worth the evening meltdown...oh it was worth it.  Have I told you that Tigger is a dream child when it comes to going out?  I wish I could say it's because I'm a kick butt mom, but I just think it's her least when we go out, she eats everything so I can take her to a restaurant after an event and it will go great, she loves outings and will hold it together until back in the car or the house.  Dream child....great times we had.

We had fun in the dinosaur exhibit.  It was way cool

First pony ride by herself

This is her 'proud' face

We found Peter Rabbit

Daisy the Cow

more Daisy....a live Daisy the cow

A little confused about feeding goats

Personal space issues

This is my favorite exhibit of the whole day....hmmm it!

Yes can you say "ca-ching" but every child needs a blow up animal toy that they whine and beg you for

Every child needs grandpa's shoulders and to look ghetto by putting her princess crown on backwards

If you live near an area where they do county/state fairs, I wholly approve anyone's desire to go.  It's quite the experience.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time! The fair is certainly more fun with your kid! Tigger looks so big on the pony ride.