Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh my....The Hair

Being a mom is challenging enough.....being a mom to a girl is a trip.......being a mom to a girl with completely different hair than you are used to...well let's just say that's an adventure.

I've made no secret that Tigger is biracial and that I am the whitest Hispanic person on the planet along with a history of not caring about my hair.  Well dear friends, those days are over.

Fortunately Tigger's hair has been easy to maintain, however, it is growing more and I notice that it tends to dry and frizz like no one's business very quickly.  So I've been learning about hair care these past 3 weeks, what curly hair needs are, what biracial/multiracial hair needs may be, etc.

Two things I've learned:

1)  I've learned about a a line of products (shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers, cream) that works for Tigger's hair.  I mean yeah she looks like she's played, but the hair....well it's not out of control when I pick her up from preschool anymore.  Yay!  I know it will make her happy in the long run because she loves looking pretty.

2)  I've learned that I'm not good at braiding, I need practice, and that YouTube is my friend.  I tried to braid Tigger's hair for the first time tonight....nothing fancy, but regular braids....I failed miserably, but it prompted me to go to a couple of blogs about hair that I've seen recently and to YouTube, so I feel more prepared to go at it again later this week.

Why am I blogging about this?  Well because I think it helps foster a child's self-esteem to know they are put together and look their best.  This is one of the many ways in which we are not alike and another reminder of the adoption connection.  Instead of not celebrating that difference, I think it's important to make sure she learns to take pride in herself....from hair to toes!

Please enjoy my horrid first attempt.  My promise to Tigger is that I will continue practicing and getting better!  Mami loves you Tigger!


Barb said...

I have a friend who wrote about just such a thing on her blog... you might enjoy this post:

Ticia said...

I think it looks fine. This is coming from the Mom whose daughter barely lets me brush her hair.....

DeeChloRox said...

It looks great! I'm African American and I struggle with Dee's hair. It is such a different grade of hair. But when hair has some African texture in it, the biggest mistake you can make is treating it like European hair. It simply cannot be washed everyday, and it's OK!!!!

DannieA said...

Yes, I found that out....I now wash her hair with a cleansing shampoo/conditioner once a week and condition 1-2 time the rest of the week. I used to wash her hair every day and use shampoo....just like I big no-no. Luckily I figured it out/read up on it pretty quick

Marcy Payne said...

I think you did a great job! It will come easier and easier. Her hair is getting so long!!