Monday, January 16, 2012


By the title of this blog post, one might think that I did major pondering today in regards to our holiday (Martin Luther King Jr.), which is not really the case.  I was happy I had one more day to spend with Tigger and S and so spent most of the day enjoying that.

My reflections are merely wondering how the future will pan out.  Will our nation truly go forward in terms of diminishing racism or at least diminishing racial bias?  While we are no where near where our country was during the life of MLK, it is evident that racism is alive and well still in this country. I ponder how life will go for my little princess.  She is adored now as a 2 year old.  Will she still be adored as she grows up?  will she encounter the ugly side of life dealing with racist remarks?  My hope is that no she wont, and if that is the case, then I am doubly thankful for everything Martin Luther King Jr. did and stood for.  Anyone who has fought not only for civil rights in general, but for children, children like mine and others....well they have my respect!

I hope all of you enjoyed your extra day to be with your families

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Anonymous said...

Dannie I have been following your blog for a long time and love hearing how Tigger and yourself are doing. So glad that you are surrounded by love. I hope that your baby never has to deal with being looked down on because of her race or anything else. Keep blogging I cant wait to find out more about S and what the future holds for your family. God Bless