Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kids and their words

So I have a normal and very average 18 month old.  This means she has some words, but not a whole lot.  However, she's now trying to communicate through the spoken language so it makes for fun scenes around the house.

Scene 1:  in her room after coming in the morning and smelling something that indicates a diaper change
Me:  Hi baby
Tigger:  NO!
Me:  yes let's change the diaper
Tigger: no, no, no, NO all the while wagging a finger in my face
Me:  change diaper, here we go
Tigger: waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

ah the toddler diaper hating years

Scene 2:  in the tub
Me:  let's wash the hair
Tigger:  giggles, uh oh
Me:  uh oh what?
Tigger: me
Me:  me what?
Tigger: me bye bye....waves hand

bath time yields so much!

Scene 3:  in the bathroom
Me:  Tigger get out of the bathroom
Tigger:  mami, mami, go peepee?
Me:  you go peepee?
Tigger: no, mami
Me:  I don't have to go
Tigger: mami, peepee
Me:  *sighs* ok mami go peepee
Tigger:  yay.....mami peepee
Me: (after an unprecedented privacy free time in the bathroom) ok all done
Tigger:  bye peepee!

Great my own cheering that she owns her own potty chair we'll see how interested she gets in herself.

Scene 4:  at grandparents house after spending the night and having Tigger in my bed for most of the night
wakes up to giggles and patting of face
Me:  Tigger go see grandpapa
Tigger:  no, no papa
Me:  Tigger go see the dogs and play
Tigger: no, no doggies
Me:  are you going to stay here and pester mami until I'm awake then?
Tigger:  *claps hands* yay
Me:  what happened to "no"?
Tigger:  MAMI.....*giggles*

apparently mornings are much cooler if mom is awake too.


Ticia said...

Of course they are. Didn't you know sleep is optional once you have kids.

Barb said...

I love these ages. Seriously so much fun once the talking begins and it just doesn't stop. The things they say! So much fun. And sleep is overrated anyway. :)

Marcy Payne said...

She is super CUTE!! Love the conversations. It's so great to see you enjoying and recording these times. Brings back happy memories of that stage. Otherwise all I remember is the tantrums...LOL

Anonymous said...

Those conversations are too cute! She is getting to be a BIG girl!

Unknown said...