Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When it truly sucks!

So most days....ok I lie....99% of the days I love my life as a single parent.  "Just you and me kid" fits the bill.  I have her on schedule, if it's broken it's for a good reason, not because someone else is undermining me.  Whatever I say goes, so when I've had to put Tigger on a time out, there's no one else to give in to her.  My parents live down the street, so Tigger gets plenty of "man" time as apparently my dad hung the moon or something in her eyes. 

Awesome stuff.  Then bam.....I develop a stomach bug that leaves me with unpleasantries of dehydration and feelings of wooziness and of thinking I will be passing out if not in bed.  This does not make for mommy to care for an active toddler who is too young to help get her meals on the table and who is now not liking diaper change time.  I think I barely made it up the stairs this morning back with her milk....

Luckily I'm feeling better, and luckily as not all single parents have this luxury, my dad came and took Tigger to daycare so I could rest and then picked her up and took her to their house so my mom could feed her dinner and give her a bath to spare me some energy.  I'm very thankful for all this help, but I won't lie, I missed the whole day with my little one and it wasn't fun.  So yeah in times of sickness...especially when they are little, it isn't fun to be alone. 

Yes I vented and I whined.  Blame the stomach bug, it had some nasty effects.  Still on a 7-up and cracker diet. 


Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

The only thing worse than being sick is being a sick mom. It is great that you have help. I hope you feel better soon.

Nicole said...

Thats great of your parents to chip in! I hope you start feeling better soon! Nothing worse then being a sick mommy because in my house even with DH there, they mostly just get lost without me "guiding the ship" lol!