Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lunch Date!

I could give a rip who my friends are and what nationality/race they me people are people and good ones should be kept as friends. 

I met a friend of mine through an online adoption community and found out she was local.  Actually she lives in the city where I used to live a few years back.  Well she was placed with a darling baby boy in Aug. or Sept. of 09, and then I was placed with Tigger in Dec. of 09....even though she was placed first, Tigger is actually a month older than her little buddy.  Since then we've kept in touch and have had a couple of lunch dates. 

It's awesome.  We "joke" around that these meetings are actually dates for D and Tigger and it's just nice to get out and so something with people that get it.  I also love that she brings friends and her friends are funny and nice so it's a great time all around. 

Back to my first sentence...while it's not the purpose of us getting together, I also appreciate the fact that I'm the "minority" in this group of gals.  I don't consider Tigger to be a minority with us girls and her "man" because as a biracial child she fits in too.  Some people think parents of children that are transracially adopted care too much about this.  Sometimes I think some people care too little about these things.  It's a fine balance.  By all means don't go out seeking friends from a different racial/ethnic background just to score points on some scorecard, but actions speak louder than words, and it is important to really get to know and make friends with as many people as you can.  It enriches your life, it enriches their life, it enriches your child's life. 

By the way, this other mom and I are planning future dates for our kids...I think that's fantastic!  She's a no nonsense mom and I don't want my kid hanging out with just anyone (ok I can be that mom too, I need to know your friend's parents)...I'm glad this mom and I met...not just online but in person.  She and I have our adoption issues/topics that bring us together to be friends.


Kelleydiona said...

That's awesome! There is nothing like having a friend that can experience exactly what you are going through.

Ticia said...

jealous she gets to go to lunch with you :)

I still believe you should move to Texas. Or if not that, I'm thinking we should do a Sing Song weekend, all the kids would love it.

Marcy Payne said...

Now I'm curious who it is. LOL! I wish I lived closer Dannie. I think we'd get along well. 'Course, I'm a little crazy...

Unknown said...

That's really great! It's nice to have friends who share a common interest, as that is what is most important in a friendship.