Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How does a Toddler recite a memory verse?

Since Tigger is imitating a lot of words recently, I decided to try out the short memory verses in the story of the month from her Sabbath School lesson. 

This month of July (I know a week early) the memory verse is

Work Together as a Team.  Philippians 1: 27

So this is how it went

Me:  Tigger repeat after me
Tigger:  giggles
Me:  Work
Tigger: Wok
Me: Together
Tigger:  geder
Me: as
Tigger:  as?
Me: a
Tigger: a
Me: Team
Tigger: eam
Me:  Philippians
Tigger: Phililililililililil
Me: one
Tigger: un
Me: twenty
Tigger: enty
Me: seven
Tigger: seben

And that's how Toddlers say their memory verse of the month!


Anonymous said...

Love it!! So cute!

Unknown said...

Good for YOU! So wonderful to be teaching her Bible verses at such a young age. Don't think it's a waste of time or just cute mimicry either. Those verses will stick!!!