Thursday, June 23, 2011


Thought I'd share a post about our fun times at church without too many words. 

under the main banner

don't you love when the smallest t-shirt is way too big?  LOL

must get a picture with the cute panda

First night this bear freaked Tigger out, by tonight, she was giving the bear a high 5!

bamboo sticks to bang for theme song "God is wild about you"

we're on a panda and anything bear 'love' stage...thanks to VBS

Fishing during outdoor play

Jumping in the mini-jumper during outside play

Little Miss Independent wanted to 'walk' to the stations by herself...she could if she held onto the rope

walking from crafts to outdoor play

I have a confession to make.  I really didn't want to go tonight, but you force yourself to go because of the kids, it's what a parent does.....and after hearing about seeing the "Oso" (bear in Spanish) a million times, there was no way I could finagle my way out of it anyways!  Gotta love VBS and kids!


Ticia said...

My kids have done that with a couple of church things also. It's really very cute and funny.

Laura said...

That bear freaks me out.