Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer is almost here!!!!!!!!

So today I got a little something for my Tigger.  In two weeks she will have her last day at daycare.  In August when I go back to work, she will go to a new school and start up a new year.  It's kinda nice because my mother used to work there as a preschool teacher and the director is still the same one so I know the teachers and the director personally which makes things nice. 

It's also a Seventh-Day-Adventist preschool so Tigger will get worship time as well as academic and play time.  Since I'll have to provide lunch daily what I got was a lunch bag for her.  I couldn't find the exact replica but it looks something like this

Tigger is into ladybugs and frogs at the moment. so this works.  We also dealt with the first bloody nose and while she was watching her sing-a-long dvd....I hear a voice sing "all to da town" and sure enough, Tigger is singing to 'the wheels on the bus'.  Good job kid, that was a 4 word utterance....mommy is very proud!  My goodness what is happening around here?  Tigger keeps growing and changing daily!  Did I mention she loves frogs and goes ga-ga over them?
Proud of her new frog pj's

"I give you my index finger!"

"I like wearing bloomers on my head!  Gives me class!"


Laura said...

I still like wearing blomers on my head, but only my own. Iknow where they've been. Usually.

Kelly L said...

So cute!!