Friday, June 10, 2011

An Oxymoron

Well maybe not in the true sense of the definition but definitely a contradiction in my "file of important papers"

I recently received (a couple months back) Tigger's amended birth certificate in the mail.  I looked at it and started laughing.  First of all it's only a certificate of live birth.  So just in case my daughter decides to become President of the United States, since I don't have the Original Birth Certificate, the media and [ignorant] people can accuse my daughter of not being born in the USA because this piece of paper will not be enough.  (oops, sorry didn't mean to get political) Yup, I live in a state where the Original Birth Certificate is sealed now. 

The contradiction????

Because Tigger came from foster care, I have copies of ALL the hospital paperwork and birth records.  Including who her mother and father are with names and everything.  Even my social worker gasped as we went over the papers because apparently they forgot to black out a couple of social security numbers (Tigger's mother) which I wasn't supposed to see....oh well I guess it's a good thing I don't do identity theft.  So birth records say one thing.....certificate of live birth says another. 

Gotta love contradictions.  At least I have more information than many people do for future purposes if need be. 

By the way, if my Tigger runs for President, she was born in the state of California just in case anyone says otherwise. 

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Penelope said...

Yes! A president that was in the foster care system! Maybe then, it would get fixed. Or maybe it's just too messed up.