Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When much is unknown

I have some medical history for Tigger.  Unfortunately with as detailed full disclosure as I got, due to circumstances beyond any one person's control, medical history is not the best....I know some things, just not much.

Therefore, the one thing I hate about well child visits are the questions....especially if I have a question about Tigger's health and development, which then I get asked a question about medical history which about 90% of the time is information I don't have.  Sometimes it doesn't bother me, sometimes though, Tigger's Pediatrician is all about prevention so there have been multiple times Tigger has had to have lab work to rule x, y, z out and/or to check up on something.  Way more needles and blood then if I would just have an adequate medical history.

Don't get me wrong, I like her Pediatrician, I think she's probably one of the most proactive preventative, rule this out type of Pediatrician I've encountered or heard about, it's just annoying to me because I know in the future it will probably be annoying to Tigger....and anything that will cause angst or annoyance to my child automatically makes me annoyed too.


Marcy Payne said...

I'm sorry, but what kind of stuff is she ruling out at this age for prevention? Seriously? I'm glad she's proactive, but to stick your baby with all sorts of needles to figure out what she doesn't have? If there were concerns with her health, ok. But if she's healthy and you eat healthy and get exercise then you shouldn't need "history". We don't know hardly anything with many of our kiddos. They only stick them if we really need to investigate something. I would ask her to stop unless there are significant health/genetic concerns.

I don't like those que's either though. And why would the same Dr be asking que's about her history if she knows you don't know?

I hate saying "I don't know" but now I just say it and don't elaborate. The kids will get "used" to it. As they get older we can explain but I don't need to go into all sorts of adoption details in front of them if the info is unknown. If there is info, I give it as if it's my history too (not that I say it's my history)

Anonymous said...

Genes matter - family health history matters - a lot.

annonymous = theadoptedones - blogger is not accepting wp ids.

Marcy Payne said...

Genes do matter somewhat but when you don't have the info there is nothing you can do about it. That's all I'm sayin'. I know it would be greatly beneficial to know more about my children's history but what I don't know, I can't share and it's not going to change a whole lot until my kids may have contact with birthfamilies.

Marcy Payne said...

By the way, Dannie...I didn't mean to go on a rant. Must have been the sleepless nights.

Nicole said...

I agree because it annoys the mess out of me when I have to go to the doctor and tell them "I don't know!" 8 million times, I've just recently found a doctor that is actually willing to due an annual blood workup for tests just because I have no clue what my future may hold!