Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rain and Picture day

Ugh....picture day at my work.  You'd think this madness would stop after you graduated high school but no, if you choose to work in the schools, picture day comes every year and because everyone needs their staff ID including service providers like myself, I had to look pretty and put on that happy face!

I love the rationale my mother makes for loving that I have an updated picture every year. 

Reason 1:  I love how your hair changes every year (well this is true, my hair grows super fast so some years it's shoulder length long and some years like this one, it's an A-line bob) 

Reason 2:  In case you go missing I can have a recent picture of you to show the police

ummmmmm really mom?  that's a lovely thought!  So much for positive thinking lol.  And of course we staff are supposed to get here at 7:45am to take the group staff picture....oh yeah because having a baby in the house means I can get there 15 minutes earlier without issues right?  sigh, so I made the best effort, got here at 7:50 am (which is really great, I"m usually cruising in at 8:00 or 8:05am) and because of the rain and the change of where our normal group staff pictures are supposed to be, the picture people weren't set up and the group photo was cancelled.  Double ugh, do we not know that it is NOT easy for me to get here before 8am?  I worked my rear off to get here and look pretty and this happens. 

And even though we did HAVE to take individual pictures for our staff IDs which must be worn every day, I woke up with a HUGE zit under my I took this year's photo with my glasses on...oh joy!  This picture day was just disasterous.  At least I'm way past the tween hormonal stage where this would have been the "end of the world as we know it".  Oh well, not the end of the world.  I hate our weather right now.  I am a lizard in that I love the heat.  Bring out the sun any day...this rain business is not my thing, not to mentioned it totally made our picture day suck! 

Before I leave this blog though, i'll have you know that I smiled pretty for the camera.  What can I say, I'm a team player and one has to smile to make it through, zit and all.

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Ticia said...

Think positive Texas teachers have to be there at 7:30