Monday, October 18, 2010

We emerged from the house!

Part of adoption entails working on attachment.  No matter how young a baby is, contrary to popular opinion, they do not come to your home with a blank slate or automatically happy.  This is actually good information for a different blog entry but I digress....there is a point this this opening paragraph!

This year I've made mistakes as in going out too soon to places (the first outing to the zoo involved too many relatives and Tigger hated it crying loudly for the first hour), taking Tigger to see way too many reatives at the start etc....however, once we settled down our world became small.  We would follow our routine.  We have a weekday routine and a weekend routine.  Yes recently (since the beginning of summer) we've stretched what we have done, hung out with friends successfully and gone to gatherings at my aunt's house. 

I had just realized today that neither Tigger or I have emerged from the house through the front door (aside from letting my friends in from out of state in the summer).  The garage is attached to the house so we always leave from the garage already in the car.  Well after dinner we decided to walk!  We EMERGED from the house through the FRONT door!  Tigger was in awe first of all because it was new and secondly because she was walking while holding my hand and that was just too exciting!

We started to walk around the townhome complex and then it hit me how sloooooow it is to walk holding a toddler's hand.  There are birds chirping and flying so we had to stop to listen, the wind was blowing in the trees so we had to stop again to listen and look with our mouth open in amazement.  Then there were chipmunks running and ducks quacking and a brisk 1 minute walk turned into a 15 minute extraveganza......Tigger was also exhausted by the time we got back. 

It's kind of amazing!  I hope we get to do it soon.  Hopefully after the rain....according to the weather, it's supposed to rain for a few days starting tomorrow!


Ticia said...

It's those little things you will remember a year from now.

Cate said...

Defintely cherish those moments. They are AWEsome for both you and Tigger! =)