Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend ramblings

It is 11pm on a work/school night....that means tomorrow I'll be feeling it.  Lets face it, Sunday night is the hardest night to go to sleep....why?  because usually you can catch up on sleep on the weekends....well I usually do.  Tigger is a good nighttime sleeper and nap taker so I join in....and because of the time we get up on the weekdays, we sleep an extra hour or two on the weekends. 

Time flies:  Tigger has been home since last almost a year....I can't believe it!  She is 14 mo old and took her first unassisted steps on Friday evening. 

Weekend fun:  Since I was mostly working on attachment when Tigger came home, I didn't spend as much time over at my folks as I used to do prior to Tigger.  It's been a month now that both Tigger and I have spent the weekends at my folks.  I find it serves two purposes.  1) my parents spend time with Tigger so I can rest for a few minutes...and 2) my parents really enjoy having their granddaughter around...and since I'm single, it's nice for Tigger to spend some time with my dad and in a home that has a 2-parent dynamic so as she grows, it's not a mystery to her how marriage can work. 

Change:  This weekend I asked for my church membership to transfer to the church we've been going to for the past year.  I made up my mind Tigger will grow up here and since she will be attending one of the two private schools nearby that most of her church friends will go to as well, it seemed to be the obvious thing to do.  It still was hard to fill out that paperwork though. 

Work:  This past week at work, I had a difference of opinion with a person at work.  I called my supervisor to talk to her about it and she was very helpful.  It makes me feel valued to know my work counts and that my supervisor has "my back".  I am getting letters of recommendation in order to possibly apply somewhere closer to home and Tigger's daycare, but on weeks like these, it's hard to think of switching to another district where the people in administration (special ed. that is) and your supervisor don't know you, and all that work at showcasing your character in your work has to start from scratch again. 

Housework:  Tigger is amusing and loves to help me do laundry....well she loves having to throw clothes, so in a basket, or in the dryer it doesn't matter.  This is good because as of right now, she hates picking up her toys so at least this is something positive LOL.

Patience:  this waiting for finalization is killing me.

Those have been my random thoughts/actions this weekend

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Ticia said...

Sleepy Ticia, oh wait that's not what I meant to say.

Watch out, it's a whole new world whenever she is walking, she can reach a whole new level of stuff.