Friday, July 22, 2011

Full Steam Ahead

Well in a week Tigger will be 2 years old.  Between now and then it will be frenzy.....This Sunday is the party at Chuck E Cheese with the mouse!  Next week is swimming lessons and then Friday she'll get her big present from me and later her big present from grandma and grandpa.  So it will be a busy week.  Speaking of which we are off with my dad in about half an hour to go pick up her cake I special ordered.


Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Happy Birthday Tiger!

Ticia said...

Happy birthday Tigger!

I look forward to hearing how she does with it. Princess was scared the first time she went there, now she begs to go.

DannieA said...

she has gone to chuck e cheese before, so I'm not worried about that part, I'm more worried about the "special attention" Chuck E will pay to the "birthday girl" by special show LOL....we'll see how it goes.

She LOVES LOVES LOVES her cake though....couldn't stop talking about her cake in the car ride back to the house...the hour long car ride back to the house :D