Monday, July 18, 2011

I wanted to blog today with pictures...

I've been dying to blog about our last week with you all....with pictures except for one annoying factor.  I left my camera at my folks house.  Now since they live down the street, I could easily go get it, however, this week we're doing more intentional pull-up going to the potty routines, so I'm staying quite close to home.

We will be going to my parent's house on Tuesday to hopefully I'll get to share some cool pictures with you and maybe a snippet of video from the VBS week at the church I used to be a member of.  I was an avid church goer to this particular church since I was 6 weeks old, so just because my membership transferred 6 months ago doesn't mean I still don't keep in touch.  Well enjoy the beginning of the week.  I hope to have something better to share visually later on!

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