Monday, July 25, 2011

Swimming Lessons started!

Tigger couldn't wait to get into the pool.  I was a bit hesitant as the pool my parents have has a cover so the water is warmer than the average pool.  It didn't matter, in went the Tigger happy as a clam.  Of course there were some skills we tried to help our kids with as our instructor gave them to us.

1.  sitting on the ledge and jumping into the pool
2.  standing on the ledge and jumping into the pool
3.  the "choo-choo" which is having the kiddies learn to hold onto the inner ledge of the pool and creep down the side without the parent holding them (mini-heart attack)
4.  kicking with the paddle board
5.  tilting head back to put it in the water
6.  blow bubbles
7.  kick while on their backs

yes this is a parent-child swim class....introduction to swimming....and we did all that, all 7 of the kids along with the parents were in the pool, and all 7 were between 1 and 2 years old.....after age 2 1/2 they like for them to go into the tiny tots division where they do a lot.  I'm actually happy with the lessons I signed up and paid for.  Seems to be exposing the kids early to what swimming mechanics are all about.

problem is, my Tigger wanted to keep on jumping from off the ledge into the far her favorite part.  Oy vey....maybe she should go into diving.  Hopefully next week when my mom accompanies on since she will have a week off, I may be able to get some pictures.

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Mie said...

I used to be a swim instructor and your basics bring me back...ah the days - 12 hours in the sun for the entire summer - 6 days per week - skin so dry it cracked and was extremely painful..yeah those days but they were fun!

Now when I take my kiddos swimming we work on the same basics but they just know it as playing in the pool. So fun. I'm glad i had that experience.