Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Stuff You don't Hear about

You know, there are obvious things one expects to talk about and educate their children about before becoming a parent.  Examples include but aren't limited to:
*Don't talk to strangers/nobody has the right to touch you
*Review homework with them
*Play with them/go over what to do in their sports practice
*Teach them to drive
*Riding a bike
*Potty Training
What you don't know is HOW much you have to teach them, down to the little things....things I didn't even think about until now!  Examples include but are not limited to the following:
*How to spit when starting to use toothpaste that has fluoride in it (really, not even on my radar until just now)
*How to eat with utensils (I was really hoping it was just as easy as picking them up and suddenly voila...HA!)
*How to lift one leg at a time when getting dressed
*How to show them to solve simple problems (puzzles, those shape sorter put in hole toy thingies) especially if your child tends to frustrate easily which will end up in screams and toy throwing.

This parenting gig constantly amazes me.  Anything you had to "sit down" (or whatever) and teach your kid that never even crossed your mind?


Unknown said...

How to put their undies on frontwards and how to wipe their noses so they weren't smearing the stuff all over their cheeks are the first two things to pop into my head. You're right. I had never thought about teaching the little things either.

Ticia said...

As soon as you ask I completely forget.

LA Mama said...

This is gross, but I didn't realize until my 2-year-old didn't know how to do it that knowing how to vomit into a toilet is instinctual. Sorry to be gross, but may that information help you in that crisis moment. :P

DeeChloRox said...

I had to teach my 8-year old how to take a bath. Really...first wash here, then here. I had to teach her that thoughts in her head are not reality. I had to teach her not all clothes are acceptable for all seasons. I have to teach her that making sure the front of your hair is cute does not make the back of you head look good. Etc. etc. etc.