Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well if you know me from another forum and such, you'd know I've been babbling like a loony about our recent major crime that has transpired near my house and near my parent's house.  A 17 year old was abducted in the middle of the day near my parent's house as she was walking home from summer school from the local high school......this was Friday, yesterday a body was found in a field belonging to one of the rancher out here pretty close to where we live and where the original abduction took place, and although the ID isn't out yet, we think it's the 17 year olds.  The autopsy is today and I don't know when they will release the information about whether it's the girl's or not. 

First of all how sad for this to happen....this is such a great community and a great place to live, it ruins a little of the atmosphere.

Second of all, how incredibly sad, stressful, and unimaginable this must be for the family....from the news, it looks like a neighborhood close to my folks house so yuck, poor family.

Thirdly, they haven't had a lead or caught the person so that means they're still out there....which is all part of the creepy factor.  Makes you double think where you go, if you should venture outside the home....especially thinking about the fact that having an infant/toddler almost, I can be a vulnerable target when I'm strapping her or unstrapping her from the car seat without looking around me during that time....ugh

I hate evil crimes like these. 


DannieA said...

One thing I forgot to mention is to please pray for this family in southern CA. This must be a beyond devastating time for them. So unimaginable.

Bubeaner said...

D, be careful. We'll pray for that family. =(

Ticia said...

I'll be praying for them, and for you. I'm sure you will be okay, but that would be scary.