Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer 2010

Well I think for the purposes of privacy on the internet and after thinking long and hard, I am going to Christen my daughter as "Tigger". Yes it sounds like boy's nickname, however, bright orange seems to be a winner with her and since Tiggers are bright orange, well let's just say she loves her two tiggers.

So when I refer to kiddo or Tigger, that would be my daughter. Ok on to topic at hand. first summer as a mom. I have enough money in savings that I don't have to work summer school and was ecstatic to have 10 weeks off as a stay at home mom.....I'm a speech therapist working in the schools so let's just say that I have the best job in the world and love my schedule especially now with a child.

Here I go thinking we are going to be lazy and just hang out.....boy was I ever wrong. This summer has been crazy....good crazy....but oh so not the lazy kick back days I was thinking it would be.

I started weight watchers.....since Tigger came home I have not exercised one bit and have been eating what I call convenience food....gained 20 lbs and that's not cool. As a single mom, I'm going to be in shape to the best of my ability as I don't want to incur health issues for Tigger to worry about. Tigger and I go for morning walks.....I have her at daycare two days a week mostly mornings so that I can get some errands and chores that require my full attention done before September rolls around.

Then this week, my friend from college, her husband and her 3 kids....Superman, Batman, and the Princess (who also claims to be Batman so I heard) came for a visit. My friend also doesn't reveal her kiddos names on her blog so keeping with the nicknames. We've been nonstop all day long since Tuesday night. The kids were so good with Tigger and Tigger enjoyed watching the other kiddos. We also did the socal thing of going to the San Diego Zoo, a local museum, and doing some hang out stuff like swimming and going to the mall. Oh yes and who can forget going to the Build-A-Bear place and watching the expression on the kiddos and Tigger's face as they did their own stuffed animals. Both Batman and Superman made bears and one named his 'Buzz-Lightyear" and the other named his a star wars name....sorry T I forgot...was it "___ trooper?" and the Princess made a dog princess named Aurora....and Tigger made a bear [orange to be exact...surprise surprise] and named her "Tigger".....Ok I named the bear and decided to go with Tigger's nickname from her name.....I'm sure there will be more in the future and then Tigger can decide what to name them.

Today we all went to my church and we went to lunch and then after lunch we said our goodbye's. It was sad to see them go.....I saw them last when the Princess was 9 months old and this time around she was 3 years old. I'm hoping maybe next summer a trip to TX will be warranted.

Relationships with old friends that now are parents....and I am too is just a new concept for me. It's's very different....we obviously don't get all crazy like in college, but there's a new maturity and a new level to friendships....and I have to say, I like it. I gained some new respect for my friend and her husband and I'm sure their ears are still ringing from Tigger's wails at times LOL. But at the end of the day....after meltdowns, tantrums, screams and wails, the friendship is still there and not slacked due to what people may think are "inconveniences of kids" and that's what I like about "grown-up friendships".

Safe travels T and family......I wish Batman, Superman, and the Princess a great year back in TX.


Lissette said...

Welcome to the blog world! :)

DannieA said...

ah thank you :)

DannieA said...

hope you got my invite for your family and your sisters. We were driving around the area this afternoon and decided to leave yours at your house.

Jackie said...

Looking forward to reading more about the challenges of motherhood as well as how awesome it is to be a MOM!

Marcy Payne said...

Love the nickname! I have been thinking about doing nicknames on my blog, but am thinking it's a lot of work to edit a year's worth...hmmm? Sounds like a good summer so far. I'm glad you can take the time with your sweetie pie!

Ticia said...

We had a blast too. I'd say one of the extra challenges of getting together as parents is I was so tired from the going I wasn't always a great conversationalist. I swear sometimes I think the kids have drained my brian, or something like that.
And, now that I have a decent internet connection and am not staying at a friend's house I got a chance to read your posts! YEAH! I saw Andy today for breakfast. He's over in Phoenix now, never knew that until he told me he was here in a message on FB.

DannieA said...

very cool. I want to see Andy LOL :) I guess since I only live 5 hours from him I should make it out there one of these days.