Friday, July 16, 2010

Crazy Weather

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Well at least one time during the summer, southern CA has crazy weather.  WEll that time is now.  Apparently we're on the receiving end of some tropical storm or monsoon or something and it's not just hot, it's humid, and it's rainy, and I heard that lightning struck and made fires in 3 different places relatively close by. today is going to be at least 107 out LA it's raining and hot....oiy HELLO we do NOT live in Florida what is up? 

In other news, these walking shoes appear to be magical as Tigger has been standing more than sitting or crawling in the last day and a half.  Also since we've been sleeping in more, I've made her bedtime 8 instead of 6:45-7pm.  This has helped out a lot and she seems to be doing ok. 

Tigger surprises me.  She's eating "real" food.....smashed or cut in small pieces, but she now loves, loves, avocado, watermelon, cantalope, rice, beans, potatos, SWEET POTATOS are a smash, bananas, and steamed veggies.  Not bad right?
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Ticia said...

diced cooked potatoes are also popular.

Glad I got out of there before it got all hot and icky.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the weather here in Dallas (minus the rain)....

Glad that Tigger is doing well with the food and sleep time...she's going to be running soon!!! lol