Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday musings

So it's official

1.  My child is spoiled and wants to sleep in my bed every night.....she gets up anywhere between 1 and 3am to snuggle

2.  Yesterday yielded more pulling to stand and standing for a cruising yet

3.  The above means I will go today and get those fancy shoes designed for cruisers and early walkers.....should be fun. 

4.  My social worker came to do the monthly visit on Tigger....this is great news as it means the file is finally transferring to the adoptions unit and once we get the certificate of clearance from the state of CA the papers will be signed for finalization :)   My social worker rocks and she stayed for about an hour chitchatting about anything and everything.  She came later and stayed for a bit because she was teaching last night in our city's facility the last PRIDE class for that group so she was excited to have a little break until August from teaching.  We talked about the procedure in case I wanted to go for another one and how that works....which is much simpler than when one i starting, so it was a great visit and Tigger stood for her and "jargoned" and all that. 

5.  I find it incredibly hilarious that people can pop out babies without any screenings, yet I have a certificate that says my house is "approved for children".....hmmmmm I guess I'm worthy LOL.  It really amuses me. 

6.  I'm really loving this cuddle stage that Tigger is in right now.  She comes up to me for no reason and just gives me some loving.....and she loves anything soft.  Switching gears to Speech Therapist mode....maybe soft and rough will be one of the first concepts I can instill in know (in/out, soft/rough, little/big) ha ha ha ha, I'm such a dork. 

Well that would be my thoughts at the moment. 


Ticia said...

I've often laughed about that as well (the no-screening thing), there's so many people who really shouldn't be allowed to have kids.

Robbies knock-offs at Target, about $10, seriously they're awesome. And then once she's really walking she'll love normal shoes because they make noise when you walk.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to have "musings" lol...I am glad you are blessed to enjoy being a mom!!!!