Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the big day is coming

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I wish I could say the "big day" is finalization, but not yet, although it's getting there....the BIG DAY would be July 29, Tigger's 1st Birthday. 

Can we just say mommy is going broke poor getting ready for this thing?  The big bash will be held Sunday August 1 and I believe I have 75-100 people coming....maybe, it will probably end up to be more like 60 by the time i get the RSVPs and who's coming and/or not. 
So anyways we got the cake and pastries ordered from a fabulous Cuban bakery....I got the balloon's ordered for pickup...I ordered the jumper for the older kiddies and got some other games for the outside.  My gracious parents and grandparents to Tigger have offered their home as they have a great backyard for all this. 

I was going to order a real Tigger character to come, but after thinking, and thinking thought it may be over the top. 

oh yes can you tell the theme/  it's Winnie The Pooh and friends so that we can have the glorious colors of Tigger as well. 

I think it will suit Tigger just fine!
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Anonymous said...

Wow, you are REALLY doing it up!! I know Tigger and the rest will have a ball...cherish this time!!!

Ticia said...

Mini-corndogs from Sams or Costco, great way to save money and big kid pleaser. Oh wait, those might not fit with your diet. Then don't forget large amounts of cheetos. If you can find cheeto puff balls, you're golden! And bonus: they're orange