Friday, July 9, 2010

Ok so got sucked into this blogging thing!

My new motto on blogging. If my friend can do can I. Well it's interesting to read blogs, especially since I feel others have a better grasp of how to write poetically and I don't....however, I'd like to try and keep up with one as life changes and it's time to do new things.
First let's do a trial run of seeing what is new in my life since a few years ago...

1) I bought a home....a townhome to be exact, but I love it and at the price, I'm guarenteed not to be housepoor.

2) I added a child to my family of 1 making it a family of 2. woo hoo.....she's 11 months old and been with me for almost 8 months, still learning many things including how to make friends with other parents of young children.

3) I'm in my early, didn't that used to be "old"????????

The above picture was taken the first week of December...I had no idea that in about 5 days I'd get a call about adding an infant to the family....this is my dog and I under our little Christmas tree.

This car is now my mommy car....I used to have an awesome 2-door VW, but car seats and 2-doors nearly killed bought me a nice 4-door instead. It's not my stick shift 2-door preference, but it's what life is now :)

Well where is the baby? I'm keeping her picture under wraps until the adoption is finalized.

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