Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Enter the world of Tantrums

So have entered the awesome land of tantrums outside of the home.  Today we went to get the car washed because it was just filthy at a real car wash!  At the car wash we played a car game, Tigger "drove" sitting on my lap while I pushed the gas pedal LOL

Then I had to go outside to see the progress of the car and Tigger decided that wasn't where she wanted to be so I got the tantrum....I just rolled my eyes, looked at her and said "I guess you need Mami to hold you now until we go" so out we went and she had to sit on my lap instead of playing near me or dancing or whatever, until the car was done.  Oh the tears, the scream, and then the wonderful sorrowful silence.

Ack....didn't enjoy that, but I guess it comes with the age no matter how "great" you think you are!


Ticia said...

You mean mean mommy.......... :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...one of my nightmares..PDT (Public Display of Tantrums)!! Hang in there.

Mie said...

Now that I'm at the stage I'm at in being a parent (highly experienced with preschoolers after having 9 of them...) I love tantrums. I mean, I prefer not to have them and I'd love to have this dream of having a perfect outing with no fits. With 4 and 2-almost 2 year-old girls and a 4 year old that's emotionally just about 3, we get fits all the time. I don't care what people think about my parenting or my child - that's the key. Then I can just tell my children when they throw themselves on the floor - "a fit isn't going to work" and some other logical consequence matter-of-factly and move on with my day.

Unknown said...

After a while Tigger will figure out that throwing fits is useless, cuz Mami isn't going to BUDGE when that happens! Good job, Mom!