Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It must be the heat!

Been around the blogosphere lately?  No?  oh that's too bad, I really think the heat is getting to people!  Blogs getting "hurt" by other blogs, an inspirational blog post getting bashed because it was too positive....yikes!

I guess I just don't get it.  Here are my thoughts on these past few weeks of reading various blogs.  this is not aimed at any one forum or blog or anyone....I do read a lot of blogs, and this summer has been a doozy.  

1.  Just because it's a blog doesn't mean it's private.  (Yes that means that people who don't agree with you or who won't have nice things to say may see your blog unless you do privatize it)

2.  Just because one doesn't agree with a post, it doesn't give one license to post really negative comments about it.  (there are ways to disagree that sound constructive, professional, and neutral while getting your point across...no need to get nasty)

3.  Just like one person cites their sources or a quote for their final thesis when doing graduate or a PhD program, one can do that online too as long as it meets "fair use" terms.  (yes a copyright is so no one copies and passes it off as their own, it's not a license to not be aware of the 'fair use' terms)

4.  However, when doing your research and compiling your thesis for class....books/journal articles etc. aren't people and are very friendly, forums and blogs are manned by live people.....so even though one may be in the right, people are funny and threaten others....so if you think you're dealing with a person that is going to cause trouble....just run screaming into the night.....in the long run, you can probably use something better.

5.  Moms, quit going after other moms and I mean specifically....this is why we are constantly stressed out....don't like what someone else is doing (we're talking legal here not anything like drugs or beatings)?   then don't do it at your house.

5.  Remember blogs and forums are full of "typed words"....."typed words" are missing a very vital ingredient in communication.....PRAGMATICS.  You are familiar with it, it's voice inflections, mannerisms, body language, in addition to the content of one's point....so really try to be more understanding, after all, the computer really takes away this vital aspect of communication from us.

ok people, be nice, be kind, be thoughtful, don't be acting a fool.....readers and your blood pressure will thank you for it!


Ticia said...

ha ha ha ha ha, so very very true.

Unknown said...

I guess I've only been reading the nice blogs. Can't say I'm sorry I missed all that, but I like you rules. Hopefully someone will follow them. :)

Unknown said...

Good post. I haven't seen too much "heat" around but then maybe I'm reading the wrong blogs...

Last Mom said...

I've seen lots of it (and received some!) lately. I agree with all of your points. Finally popping Tigger's Feelings book in the mail today!

Laura said...

People bitching in comments so reminds me of people screaming at the TV set. CHANGE THE CHANNEL, IDIOT!

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Good post Dannie. I personally have learned a thing or two this week.