Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Truisms: Change is a Mix of Emotions

The school year started this week.  After seven years at the same Elementary School, I asked my boss for a change.  I love my new placement....seven years ago, I was switched from that placement to the Elementary School...now I'm back to the preschool assessment center.  I will be doing mainly the bilingual (Spanish) Speech and Language assessments for kids ages 2.6-4.6 years old.  This is just a snippet of my thoughts from the week.

"The toughest thing about change is that while the new is exciting, you miss the old like crazy"

"Providing useful assessment information to parents of a 3 year old may be helpful, however, it also can be a painful time for the family"

"It will be interesting to go from elementary school parents in the final stages of the grief cycle (acceptance) since their child has been receiving special ed. services since preschool sometimes, to go into the beginning stages of grieving with families at the preschool stage"

"When one is nice to people, they make new friends among co-workers fast...maybe not close friends, but a great atmosphere"

"It was a normal summer without outrageous temperatures...until the week we go back to work"

"There is always progress.  It's just seen more rapidly in little kids" 

"I love my job again"


grace said...

i love your last statement. it sure helps to love what you do :)

all the best in your new school year


Anonymous said...

Preschool is awesome!! I hope that you love it and have a great school year with minimal drama on the parent front!