Thursday, August 11, 2011

Karma is definitely a female dog!!!!!!

My apologies for the cheesy title.  I do maintain this blog as a G-rated, sometimes PG-rated so I do not use profanity even if for a fleeting moment I think about it in my head.  I've learned that sometimes what I think and what I actually say may need to be different or at least more refined.

Anyhow, it never ceases to amaze me how life just circles around.  As a Speech Therapist working in the public schools, my assignments can change yearly and so I've had the opportunity to work from preschool up to high school in the past ten years.  During my years working in the special education preschool program, every time a new kid would start, we would encourage the parent(s) to leave their child and not linger....even if the child was having a screaming, crying, hissy fit.  We would always explain that it is good for the kids to know that mommy loves them and will return.  I know sometimes mothers wouldn't want to do that, and I would just eye-roll when they would hear their child cry and then just go back to hug them and prolong the agony of both of them.

Well it's now my turn.  The first day Tigger went to her new preschool (on Tuesday.....this week and next I have her there Tues/Thurs in the morning so the shock of going on the 22nd when I start work won't be as severe) she was excited and stayed well and even waved bye to me.  Great!  Well today was a different matter.  Today she knew that when I said 'bye' and gave her a kiss and a hug, that I was leaving and the tantrum and screams began.  Oh Lord, I didn't want to leave her like that.  Every inch of my core didn't want to smile turn around and wave 'bye' in a chipper manner while she was screaming and flailing like that, however, the rational part of me knows that if Tigger sees me calm and knows that this is the routine, the agony of the morning will not last long.  So fighting every urge, I smile, say "I love you baby, mommy will come back after lunch" and leave her with the head teacher...flailing arms and feet and everything.  I could still hear her in the parking lot....ugh.  Karma you witch!

I felt way better when I called after I came home and found out that about five minutes after I left, the sad screaming Tigger had transformed and was playing with another girl and happy.  I also felt better when I picked her up and she was happily playing, but did see me and flew into my arms telling everyone "bye"....grabbing me by the hand and carrying her lunch box.

So this is just a reminder that in about two weeks I'm sure she will know her routine again, and that she will be happy to come in the morning and play with new toys and she will be more than happy to come home again in the afternoon.  I also received jargon speech along with words and some two word phrases in an animated way all.the.way.home.  I think we'll be ok.

A mom's life.  The change in the background is a tribute to the fact that my girl is now a big girl attending a true blue licensed preschool!


Ticia said...

And then it changes and your little girl doesn't run to you, but takes the time to finish her snack maybe play a few last games. Sigh....

Anonymous said...

It breaks your heart to leave your babies screaming at school! Little Man will occasionally cry when I leave him and it still wrecks my day! I'm glad that she was happy! Good for you getting her into a routine early!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I made a comment and I don't know what happened!

Dropping off little ones is always harder on mom than it is on them, even though they put up the bigger fight. When I went to Kindergarten for the first time, my mom told me on the way there to be a big girl and not to cry or throw a fit. I said okay, and went in to play. When I turned around though, she was standing in the doorway crying! So the next year, on the first day of first grade, I told her on the way to school, "Just don't cry this time, okay mom?" Lol

You'll both survive. You're a good mom, and she knows that you'll always come back :)