Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kids are just Funny

Kids are funny as evidenced by:
Today was my mom's birthday!  Tigger and I took her out for lunch....and spent the afternoon with her.  Tigger was great.....I had prepped her for her grandma's birthday and all morning she was going on and on about "Ta" (her name for my mom) and birthdays and cake.  (I think my daughter really loves cake)

So we went to a place my mom wanted to of those buffet style places where you can eat as much as you want plus desserts....lots of desserts!  So while we were out and about eating, Tigger sings "Happy Birthday to you, to you, to you you Ta" over and over again.  It was kinda cute.  Mom had a great time eating and by the time we were finished, Tigger had her cake as well (luckily I spotted some carrot cake so I figured that was the best of the worst dessert had to offer) so everyone was happy.

Kids are funny as evidenced by:
This evening we were playing upstairs....ok, I was doing laundry and Tigger was playing with my clothes as always....when she started to play dress up.  She then goes to a mirror and starts posing.  I mean posing with intent like she's a model or something.  Then I see her smile into the mirror and BLINK like she's flirting with herself and the mirror.

Ummmmmmmm I have no idea where that came from.  I'm not awful, but I don't spend gobs of time in front of the mirror and I don't spend lots of time getting ready to go out, so this posing and "beauty pageant faces" going on is really making me laugh.  Nobody can teach that either got it or you don't!

Here's to life with a kid, they are funny!

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QbanLady said...

That brought to my mind and old song, from my days of childhood, and of course, the only part of the lyrics I remember are: Maniquí, maniquí, coqueta, veleta, nací. Lo cantaba Sarita Montiel, and it just says that: you have to be born with it!