Thursday, August 25, 2011

2 year old well child physical

My child still weighs a whopping 22 lbs and is 1 and 1/2 inches shy of being 3 feet tall.  I love the fact that the Pediatrician comments on her being in the 5% in the weight department....sigh. I swear I feed that child!

No shots today but she had to get blood drawn so that's never fun...for her or me.  I decided to get all soft and 'bad momish' after having to go to the Dr. so we enjoyed some take-out food....not something we do a lot, so it was a treat!


LA Mama said...

She's just sweet and petite like all of my girls. :) Glad she's doing well.

Ticia said...

My boys were like that too, and it always amused me. She's wonderful.

Attempting Agape said...

My current foster daughter has been consistently in the 5% range since I got her a year ago (off the bottom of the chart - so sad). Recently, I have started putting "sauce" on everything - ketchup, ranch, mayonnaise. It must have worked, because at our last drs visit, she was in the 11%!! I actually cheered out loud a bit. :)