Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas bed fiasco and a wonderful Christmas 2010

Thursday night I had big plans….I had big plans to fill up an air mattress I had so Tigger and I could sleep under the Christmas Tree and wake up to Christmas breakfast and presents….this year since our schedule was a bit different due to Christmas falling on Saturday, the day our family attends church so Christmas Eve was going to be filled with relatives and Christmas Day was going to be at grandma and grandpa’s house so I decided we would treat Thursday night (the 23rd and Friday morning as OUR Christmas).

Well I didn’t have a motorized air pump so as I was getting ready to go buy one, my dad says…oh don’t do that, I have a foot pump and it will get it done….so without thinking, I said “sure”. Well after about an hour and a half of pumping and really starting to feel the muscles in both my legs getting exhausted, I just about had it and decided that I would just be creative to make the bed soft (downstairs is tile and a flimsy area rug so I did need the area where we would sleep to be relatively comfortable and not hard)….so I just threw (both under and over the barely filled air mattress) lots and lots of comfortors, blankets, flannel sheets until it became a make shift bed.   We then did some role playing with our play nativity little people and I dressed Tigger up for fun, nothing formal or anything, I"m not that uptight ha ha!

I’m proud to announce that both Tigger and I had a great night next to the Christmas tree and Tigger thought it was fun!

We then ate breakfast together for the first time at the same time! (that's a Christmas miracle, usually I make sure she eats before I sit down to eat)

Christmas eve brought Santa (yes our family is Christian and we still bring Santa to our kids) to our family gathering, presents, family, and fun.

yes even the lone newly 18 year old had fun!  Actually I have WAY more pictures of family members taking pictures with santa but then there would be way too many pictures ....just the kiddos this time around for your viewing pleasure.

Christmas day brought Church and Sabbath School for Tigger and us….we enjoyed it!

Then Christmas brought a late lunch/early dinner (after Tigger’s nap) and then presents.  Of course this respresents both mine and my parents and a couple from Christmas Eve so half the toys stay at grandma and grandpa's and half go home with us.

It was a very blessed day! Christmas with a little one brings more joy then one can ever imagine!

We hope your Christmas was just as blessed and exciting in it's own way.
With love,
DannieA and Tigger


Ticia said...

She totally made out like a bandit girl!

Glad to see much fun was had by all.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of sleeping by the Christmas tree! Looks like you and Tigger had an amazing Christmas!

Unknown said...

Adorable pictures. You must be Adventist. Me too. :)