Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finding Christmas Tradition in New York City

I've been receiving information about what traditions are around from several states and today I'd like to focus your attention to NYC.  The big apple.  I have YET to spend a Christmas season there, and I would love it one of these years.  I think it would be neat.  There is so much to do and yet I'd like my New York city fans to weigh in with their comments if they'd like.  Also please tell what their favorite tradition is in NYC. 

Since it's always great to watch kids just have fun with answering questions, I've seen a collection of videos from and they made me laugh.  Coming straight at ya from MSG Kids Cam filmed at the American Girl Store here are some kids talking about their favorite traditions

If you're into more cuteness then watch the "snow experts" and the kids talk about their favorite treats!  Love watching kids answer questions.  It just makes me laugh, especially when front teeth are missing. 

Also having seen Cirque de Soleil once before, had to put in a plug for their winter show going on now at Madison Square Garden Theatre through Jan. 2.  Seems like a great show!  I would totally be there if I were in NYC this year. 

If you're so inclined and in the area, check out show/ticket information here.

Well that's a plug for NYC.  Does anyone else have any good Christmas shows or information going on in their state that may become a family tradition or an event to behold and enjoy during the Christmas season?  Tell me and I'll be more than happy to tell blogland. 

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