Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve, Eve.....

Well couldn't resist just posting a little bit.  Today Tigger and I are celebrating Christmas Eve and tomorrow morning we'll celebrate Christmas just us.  Christmas Eve this year is going to be full of family and spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's and church so I figured we would celebrate early just the two of us. 

Well sometimes I think I have way to many ideas for having only a 16 month old.  I got the grand idea of making gingerbread men cookies thinking a 16 month old would totally want to help with everything.  Ha Ha Ha on me.  She did enjoy making the dough.  I had no idea it would be a two day process since we started late yesterday so the dough needed to be in the fridge overnight.  We finished today, but the rolling of the dough and cutting it wasn't Tigger's favorite part, however, she did decorate and she did enjoy eating ONE cookie that I allowed her to eat. 

Even though I found that this activity was mostly on me...(ha!) I hope that maybe someday Tigger will smell cookies and remember the fun times our home tried to have.  One can only hope anyways. 

here they are in order from last night til today.
getting prepped

mixing the dry ingredients

using the mixer.....she is completely engrossed

packing it up for the night in the fridge
getting the utensils ready

cutting out the gingerbread men

mom makes a bigger one

in the oven

mmmmmmm icing

her plate of decorated gingerbread men.....will eat tomorrow and Christmas at Grandma's

ok so I broke my "no sweet" rule and gave my child a cookie


Ann said...

My boys are all grown up now but they still remember making Christmas fact they make their own now!

S.A.M. said...

She is sooo adorable. My kids are teens and still get excited about making Christmas cookies.

Ticia said...

We've been cookie making fiends here too.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! I love that she helped you make (and eat) the cookies. I hope you guys had an awesome Christmas together!

Unknown said...

How sweet!