Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Review

Ah it's Sunday night where I start my blogging week all over again.  I confess it's a bit later than my usual time to upload a new blog post, however, I decided that I wanted to watch one of "my" Christmas movies in the dark with only the lights from the Christmas Tree on so I did just that.  I am now done and decided to do a little weekend review.


Wonderful, wonderful, and more wonderful.  Saturday is the day we go to church and it was the day of our Church's Christmas Pageant.  Every children's class and some people from church participated, including children's choir, men's chorus, women's chorus, adult choir, church choir, and teens from the nearby church academy looking at all that, we have a bunch of choirs LOL.  Tigger's birth-2y/o class went on the platform with their lamb ears and basically just sat or crawled on the platform during the performance of "Away in the Manger" and "Silent Night"....some of the older kiddos got a word here and there, but it was mostly cuteness (while us moms sang) so that was my "mom" moment of church.  It had so much music and fanfare that when it was time for the sermon, the pastor decided that we had been blessed and postponed his sermon for next week and thus we concluded the church hour by singing to Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" from the Messiah.  Then the Children's classes were interactive and Tigger got to pet some "Bethlehem" animals, travel to different stations before ending the day...I have to say it was a great program and it reinforced the fact I am happy with my recent decision to switch memberships to this church.  The kids programs are really fantastic and I've gotten to know some people as well. 

Later that evening, I bundled Tigger and my parents and I went to one of the neighborhoods in another city that really go all out with their lights and we walked the streets looking at Christmas lights.  It was crowded, the streets were closed and it was fun as well.  Tigger was sporting her Santa PJ's along with her Santa hat and bundled up in a blanket.  I think she was warmer than the rest of us. 

Saturday night ended with hot chocolate and a viewing of that timeless Christmas classic "It's a Wonderful Life"


While Tigger's room had been finished, her bathroom was not, so my mother came over this afternoon and we finished Tigger's bathroom and it looks adorable.  If you remember, Tigger's room is pink and brown with wall applications consisting of butterflies and flowers.  We made her bathroom green/brown/pink with frogs and butterflies....the contrast is great.  Plus the added bonus is that it looks like when she kisses the frog she'll end up with a prince so while the room and bathroom have different themes, they actually ended up going well together. 

Sunday night ended with the viewing of one of my favorite movies to watch during December "Little Women" (the new version) in the dark by the glowing Christmas Tree.  Love that movie.  I tend to identify with Jo (Josephine March) yet I think my personality is a mix of Jo and Beth so there ya go yikes!  Wonderful end to a great weekend. 

           Waiting and Walking towards the animals

‎"Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?" ~It's a Wonderful Life~
"The world should always be a better place because a man lived" ~Little Lord Fauntlery (1980 version)~

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